Features That Make Your Lifting Equipment Smart

Features That Make Your Lifting Equipment Smart

In the construction industry, lifting heavy loads are required in almost every project. If you are working on a larger construction project, you must need lifting equipment to move the heavy loads to the height. This equipment makes the job very effortless as they do not require much human effort and can perform the job in meantime. 

The equipment manufacturers are trying to make their equipment more advanced by installing the latest and smart features in them. The latest and smart technologies are actually, the need of time as the whole world is adopting the smart technologies to transform their way of working. 

In this article, we are going to list three smart technologies that your lifting equipment must have. When you will go to have your next lifting equipment like a crane for sale then make sure to check them first.

  • Hook Centering

Lifting equipment lifts the load with the help of a beam attached to the hook. It is important to lift the load on height while it is cantered. If the load is not pointing to the center, then it may be imbalanced and the load may fall from the height. But in the latest and smart tech equipment, the machine is auto-adjusted and does not lift the load until the load is not cantered. First, it makes sure that the beam and load are aligned and pointing to the center then it lifts the weight. This way, it prevents accidents of falling debris and other equipment-related incidents on the job site.

  • Protection against shock load

While lifting the load the machine should not be given a shock lifting. It means when the load is being lifted, the driver mistakenly operates the machine at full speed and the taut gear gives a jerk to the load. It may cause accidents. However, the smart equipment has an automatically adjusted jerk prevention. It automatically starts lifting the load at a slow speed and slowly increase the speed when requires. This way, it prevents the jerk and shock to the load and ultimately reduces accidents.

  • Optimized operating limit

It is very common on the construction site when a crane is strayed during resting with other equipment. It may cause serious problems to the other machines and the workers as well. It happens when the cranes are not attended to carefully and not adjusted their operating limit. Whereas smart technologies give the leverage to automatically adjust the operating limit in the lifting equipment so that it may not stray and be lost during the break and may not cause any accident on the site. The technology also reduces the worries of operators to overprotect the equipment.


The lifting equipment like a crane for sale is dedicated to lifting the heaviest load to a certain height. The old models of the equipment need so much care to operate and any negligence may cause accidents on the site. However, the manufacturers have developed smart technologies in their lifting equipment to make them more productive and safer for the construction job. In this article, we have mentioned the three latest technologies that you must look at when choosing lifting equipment.

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