How Can Idle Time And Sustainable Operation Of Equipment Be Interlinked?

How Can Idle Time And Sustainable Operation Of Equipment Be Interlinked?

Have you ever imagined how much carbon emission is released due to the construction work? According to the report of Global Status Report for building and construction 2019, the estimated amount of carbon emission is around 39%. 

The industry uses a lot of techniques and equipment that emit harmful gases into the environment. It is a general consideration that most construction site keeps operating even during breaks and idle times. It is not a good practice. It has also been seen that the operator keeps the equipment running when there is no use for it. It is obvious, that the machine will keep using the fuel and releasing the carbon emission.

So how is it possible to reduce the amount of carbon emission from the construction industry? In this article, we will find the answer to this question.

Reduce idle timing

The idle time is the time when the heavy equipment is not working but keeps consuming fuel. If it keeps using the fuel, it will release a carbon footprint on the environment. It is recommended that reduce idle time. The less idle time of equipment will cause less carbon emission. It will ultimately link idle timing with the sustainable operation of the equipment. Reducing idle time is the most advanced and smart step to get a sustainable approach to machine operation. 

But the question that arises here is how to reduce the idle time? Here are a few steps to achieve less idle timing of equipment.

  • Shut down the equipment during break time

The operators keep the equipment running during breaks so that the internal temperature of the cab keeps maintained. But this is not recommended as the fuel will keep consumed by the equipment and it will cost a little extra on fuel expenditure. You may try alternative methods to keep the cab temperature maintained if you are working in an area that is weather sensitive.

  • Try the 5-minutes rule

This 5-minute rule means to shut the equipment down if you need to idle it for more than five minutes. In this case, you can easily restart the equipment when you need it. The restarting of the equipment will consume less fuel as well.

  • Use an advanced idle management system

The automatic idle management system may help you to keep the track of the idling time of the equipment. The technology will keep monitoring the engine performance and other parameters and can give you an early alert to idle or shut down the equipment.


The sustainable operation of heavy equipment is only possible when the machine releases fewer carbon emissions into the environment. According to the report, 39% of the carbon emission in the environment is released by the construction industry solely. The unnecessary use of equipment is one of the main reasons. Equipment idling is one of the best approaches to reducing the release of carbon emissions in the environment. In this article, we have discussed some tips to interlink the idling time with the sustainable operation of heavy equipment. It will help to reduce the release of carbon footprint into the environment as well.

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