How To Avoid Common Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Def) Problems

How To Avoid Common Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Def) Problems

Every automobile and construction equipment needs diesel engine fluid for its operation. However, sometimes the DEF may get some issues that can affect the equipment performance as well. Engine health is very important for heavy equipment. If the engine is in good condition, it will keep the machine running for quite a long and will not disturb its performance. When you schedule the equipment maintenance, do not forget the DEF to look over. The quality, grade, and state of DEF must be good enough. Any slight negligence in its condition may affect the engine and other parts of the equipment.

In this article, we are discussing the three most common issues of a DEF and ways to avoid them.  read them and understand how to keep them under control.

Differentiate Between the Tanks

When you buy equipment like wheel loaders for sale, make sure to check and understand the fuel and fluid tanks. If you already know about it, just read the protocol but if it’s your first time with the machine then have a proper understanding. DEF and diesel fuel are two different things. Do not fill the fuel tank with the DEF or vice versa. Although the tanks are marked with the proper sign or words to avoid confusion. But you need to check yet. In some equipment, both tanks are close to each other, so the operator gets confused. This mistake looks normal but it is not. You may have to pay hundreds of bucks for the repair and replacement. 

The easiest way to distinguish between these two tanks is the color of the caps. The DEF tank has a blue cap. Another difference is the size of the fill holes. The DEF hole is smaller in diameter. Use the right size of funnel to fill the tank.  In case of any mistake, talk to the equipment technician or dealer to help you. They will clean the tank with deionized water and will fill it with the right liquid. You can learn from them the difference as well.

Keep Contamination Out

Contamination is the key reason to damage the DEF. keep the contamination out as much as you can. The contamination of the DEF may degrade the quality of the fluid and make it vulnerable to the engine. The contamination might be dust particles, water droplets, and any other impurities. All these things may chock the fluid filter and the fluid will not pass to the engine. Or if it reaches the engine, it will create problems in the parts of the engine. Use a digital refractometer to identify the level of contamination in the DEF. This engine fluid is highly sensitive to contamination. If you need to store this for later use, make sure to use an airtight container. Store them in a place with having suitable temperature for the DEF. if still found any issues talk to the mechanic or the dealer.

Handle With Care

Handling the DEF is also tricky. When you are storing it, make sure the temperature is suitable. The space should be free from dust particles, and the sunlight exposure should be less. A cool, dry, and indoor location are perfect to store the leftover DEF. maintain the temperature between 12- and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature below 12°F will freeze the DEF. The air-tight container will keep them safe from contamination as well.


The DEF is the main fluid that an engine requires. All the heavy equipment like wheel loaders for sale need a healthy engine for its operation. The DEF keeps it running smoothly. However, the operator should not confuse the DEF with diesel fuel. In this article, we have mentioned a few common confusion and problems associated with the DEF. understand them to properly handle the DEF in the future.

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