How Much Cash You Should Bring in Your Walley?

How Much Cash You Should Bring in Your Walley?

Although some of you already depend largely on credit cards, debit cards and online payment through NFC technology, you should still bring some cash in your wallet. The tricky part is to know how much money that you should bring in your wallet. The answer depends on your situation, but by considering a number of factors. The current society depends largely on electricity and you should bring extra cash if blackout is more than a rarity. It means that the usual card-based and online transactions will be rejected, so merchants will return to the good old cash. You should know about the average time of each blackout and how much money that you regularly spend during that period.  Another possibility is that your credit and debit card accounts can be frozen.

You may forget to put enough fund in your account, causing debit cards to get frozen. Missing payments could also cause your cards to be frozen. When this happens, you should make sure that you can buy anything you want. Another scenario that requires you to spend cash is when your car battery is dead. After a few years, the car battery will eventually fail and this could happen when you are on the road. When this happens, your best solution is to purchase fresh car battery. You should check the price of car battery in your area, so you have an idea on how much money that you should bring in your wallet. In general, it is better to buy a car battery, then asking people to tow the car.

Another problem is if you are locked out of your car. After working all day, you may find out that you accidentally left your keys inside the car. Check how much money that’s needed to get a locksmith to open your car. Many newer car models have anti-tamper feature and it’s not easy to open the door using standard methods.  During a long-distance trip, you may need to buy gas with cash. Many gas stations in rural areas don’t accept credit cards, so it will be better to prepare enough cash. You should calculate how much money needed to complete your trip. If you know how many gallons that are needed, you will know how much money that’s needed. It is not a good thing to run out of money, if there’s no cash machine nearby.

During your trip, you may need to go to craft fairs, pawn shops and flea markets. It means that you should bring enough money. It is a good idea to bring enough $1, $5 and $10 bills when you go to these places. This will allow you to purchase enough goodies. You may also need to go to snack machines and restaurant during a trip. Many eating places in rural areas only accep cash, this is especially true if you choose to go to beaten path. You should also need enough cash to tip the waiters, so you need to have enough bills. You should make a list of possible expenses during your trip.

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