Timeshares In Ireland: Problems, Benefits, and Things You Knew Nothing About

Timeshares In Ireland: Problems, Benefits, and Things You Knew Nothing About

Ireland is a country of rich history, culture, and amazing nature. If you want to visit this awesome country and come back here again and again, you should think of buying timeshare in Ireland. This is the only one way to stay in the elegant and budget rooms. In shirt, timeshare makes you to pay in advance for the rooms you like. It can be not only a room but a house, apartments, resort suit.

Why Ireland?

Perhaps, you are fond of nature and want to live somewhere among the green fields and valleys. Pay attention to Dingle Peninsula which is on the South-West coast of the country. The territory boasts the most beautiful and untouched landscapes in Ireland. You know, it would be difficult to find timeshare for sale here. There are just few available variants. Thus, you can make a deal with the local hotel for timeshare.

Also, it may be interesting for you to visit Ireland to learn more about culture. You can visit a famous local holiday Bloomsday. The celebration is devoted to honor the life and work of James Joyce and the main character if his work Ulysses. This is a day to listen to literary reading, performances, based on a novel. If you are planning to visit this cultural and literary event, you should buy or rent timeshare in the center of Dublin. The city offers enough timeshares for sale to confuse you. Try to rent a car in Dublin to have an opportunity to visit them all and pick one the most attractive for you.

Ireland is a country to see and learn a lot of things. Timeshares help you to discover something new every year. It’s not only because timeshares provide a place to stay for you every year, theyе are also easy to trade or give for rent. It means that Dublin timeshare can be sold somewhere in Belfast for less than a year. Just save your money and visit Ireland every year with timeshares.

Killarney National Park-Ireland


County Dublin, Ireland

Fitzpatrick Castle Holiday Homes is situated in South County Dublin, on the territory of the old and honored Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. It is more than 200 years old. The house is located on the territory of the picturesque Dalkey Village and along the Killiney Beach. This is a real paradise for business or leisure traveller. The holiday homes are situated separately from the hotel but they all have access to all the hotel facilities, including gym, indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and restaurants, bars and lounge areas.

You can enjoy the panoramic views from the top of Killiney Hill. The hospitable local village of Dalkey welcomes you to visit numerous gourmet restaurants. A ten minute drive from the resort brings you to Glasthule, Sandycove, and Dun Laoghaire. The resort is situated an hour drive from Dublin airport.


About Timeshares in Brief

Timeshare is an ownership form when one estate object is given for rent to one or many persons. This scheme was firstly appeared in Europe in 1960 to be popular in the USA, Asian countries. There are different timeshare schemes. In one case, the owner uses apartments for a week once or twice a year. Also, the owner allows using apartments for a month every year. The most popular variant is when the timeshare’s owner stays in apartments for one concrete week a year with no changing the date. This variant is good for people who have a vacation at the same time every year.

There is also so-called floating timeshare, when the owner plans the vacation differently. It is important to agree the date of your visit with the manager company. All the rest time your apartments are given for rent. Thus, you can choose the same hotel or any other hotel in frame of the same resort complex. All you need is just pick the size of apartments and season you are going to come. Timeshare contracts are made for a renewable term of three years and more.

Hotel Alpha-Palmiers Family room

Blue & Red Season

There are red seasons (holiday season), white seasons (period between seasons), and blue (dead season, time when tourists don’t like to come). Of course, the red season is the most expensive one. If you want to change the time of your visit, you can exchange red season for blue or white with the help of exchange companies. These organizations connect thousands of resorts all over the world. Nevertheless, you cannot change blue seasons.

The score system is also available. What does it mean? The timeshare owner gets the certificate with the score in it. This is the way to vary the days you can stay in apartments from one day to 10 days. If you have the days left, you can collect the scores for years to get more comfortable apartments at the end. Thus, red season apartments cost about 500 scores, blue season – 200 scores. The choice is yours.

Timeshare Benefits

Timeshare objects are mostly apartments and studios.

You can transport your vacations dates for later. In doing so, you can prolong your terms.

You have a right to share or sell your weeks.

You can very your vacation time and prolong it as you want.

You can have bonuses in form of additional days.


Timeshare Problems

Of course, the prices for timeshares are not cheap. What is more, you, as an owner, are obliged to pay taxes every year. It’s about 300-400 EUR per year. For example, if you could buy timeshare in Florida for 11 500 EUR, you have right to stay in apartments for a week once a year. The taxes may be about 450 EUR.

Timeshare is not easy to sell because of a high price.

You are limited in time to live in apartments.

When the rent for timeshare is over, you are not the owner of apartments with no property rights.

High risks. Your rights as an owner are assigned in the contract. You don’t buy the property, but rent it for definite period of time. Someone may like it!

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