Four eco-friendly small business ideas

Four eco-friendly small business ideas

Scientists are warning about the fact that if the consumption of natural resources remains at the current level- the world crisis will start as early as by 2030. The economic recession only brings this hour closer.

In this regard, the UN has developed an environmental protection program – UNEP. According to it, business should develop on the principle: to produce more, using fewer resources and minimizing the negative impact on nature. Eco-friendly business is not only a humane, but also profitable.

Many entrepreneurs have already reoriented their activities in the eco-sphere: the production of clothing, food. If you want to create your business in the eco-style and make a contribution to the development of green economy, read our four eco-friendly small business ideas.


  1. Decorative solar panels

Innovative trends in business are actively developing. To become a successful entrepreneur, you should think about development in non-standard directions. The example of it can be the production of decorative solar panels. The technology of manufacturing solar panels is quite simple, and starting investments are relatively affordable. If you do not have enough knowledge in the field of physics and electro mechanics, enlist the support of a third-party specialist. In this case, you will only need to collect the solar panels as a designer, but the earnings will be less than with self-manufacturing.

If you are planning to establish a full-fledged workshop and produce decorative solar panels on an industrial scale, you need to purchase a specialized production line consisting of a laser-cutting machine, a laminator, a framing machine, a plate-cleaning unit, collector testing machines, etc. Today such equipment can be purchased mostly in the USA. If you have decided to come by yourself, it is better to use car rental services. The procedure is simple- just click here and you will find out more.

It is worth considering that the process of solar panels’ manufacturing is quite expensive and you will need to have rooms of at least 300 sq.m. However, for a home business, a small garage is enough.

As practice shows, the profitability of the business of manufacturing solar panels is very high – from 50 to 100%. To receive additional income, you can simultaneously offer and install the product while selling. If your products are of high quality, then it will very quickly gain positive feedback from customers, and there will be no problems with sales. However, it is better to have a good advertising campaign. Attract media, radio, television, the Internet, participate in fairs and thematic exhibitions, and success will not keep you waiting!


  1. Concrete bricks from garbage


A small group of people from Holland decided to make the world a little better by creating a project that helps build houses from garbage. They started with Haiti, where five years after the earthquake, there are 25 million tons of debris, and many people still live in tents.

They created a mobile plant that recycles garbage into bricks, the structure of which is similar to Lego. This plant is located in places of accumulation of debris. Garbage is placed in the machine, which recycles it into concrete. Then these building blocks are used in the construction of houses. One mobile plant produces blocks in an amount sufficient for the construction of 10-20 houses per day. Victims of war and natural disasters can get new homes for free or for a minimum price.

Of course, in some countries such a business is unlikely to work. This is due to the peculiarities of the climate. Such blocks would not be the best building material when the winter is too cold. However, the very concept of a mobile mini-factory is quite interesting. Why not making the outbuildings?


  1. Washing without water

In the era of the struggle for the ecology of the planet, the topic of “green” business becomes extremely urgent. The problem of the depletion of freshwater resources on Earth gave stimulus to the emergence of new high-tech inventions, such as a washing machine that practically does not use water.

“Smart” washing machine, first demonstrated at a major London exhibition by inventor Stephen Burkinshaw, has already gone on sale. The main advantage of this household appliance is that for one washing cycle it only requires a glass of water. Together with the traditional powdered detergent, the device uses special polymer balls made of nylon, which, getting into the moist environment, are able to quickly absorb dirt from the surface of the wardrobe items.

This is not the only advantage of the washing machine. The device not only consumes 90% less water compared with the classic washing machine, but also saves 30% of electricity. The detergent for washing is required minimum, the clothes after such procedure remains practically dry, so there is no need in the laundry drying function. In addition, nylon polymers can be used several times, until their complete contamination.


  1. Sphagnum


This plant has numerous healing properties. Even the beginning entrepreneurs are having good opportunity to earn on the usefulness of this representative of the flora.


The scope of this moss usage is quite wide. It is used as an antiseptic in hygienic bandages. Sphagnum moss is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, perfectly absorbs moisture and disinfects, so it can be without fear used as a bandage.

The absorbency of sphagnum makes it an excellent filling material for baby diapers. Such hygiene products will be times more comfortable and safer for the baby than the classic and familiar diapers. Sphagnum can also be used to fill children’s mattresses and pillows – these bedding will be very soft and warm. It will also be beneficial for the manufacture of sanitary napkins.

This moss grows in a moist wooded area, often in the area of ​​peat bogs. It is possible to collect raw materials during entire spring-summer period. After collecting, the moss is carefully wrung out and well dried in the sun or in the oven at a temperature of 45-50 degrees C. The main thing is not to dry out the plant, otherwise it will lose most of the absorbing properties. In order to make the material sterile, it is actively steamed. The amount of investment in this type of business directly depends on the scope of action chosen by the entrepreneur. Determine exactly what you want to produce – diapers, bandages, mattresses or something else, and then start writing a business plan.

Different eco-shops, the number of which is growing very rapidly in every country, are always happy to purchase environmentally friendly hygiene products. In addition, it is a good idea to offer your products to retail outlets with children’s products and pharmacies.

To summarize it all, each idea is great, but to attract customers, you need a competent advertising campaign. A good solution is to open your own online store. You can also ask for help from professional marketers – all the costs for their services will definitely pay off.


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