Come to Study IT In The USA!

Come to Study IT In The USA!

Computer Science and Information Technology are the third most popular specialty that foreign students choose to study at the US universities on bachelor and master’s programs. There are several main reasons, why this specialty is so popular: a wide range of specializations, a high level of wages and good employment opportunities in various areas of industry. Before considering the study of computer science at US universities, you need to understand what this specialty implies.

Moreover, before making up your mind, you need to know where to study IT specialties in the US, what subjects are studied by students during the Bachelor’s program in Computer Technology, as well as to know popular IT professions and the average salary per year among graduates of US universities in IT specialties. Most of these issues are considered below. When going to the USA, you need to follow the tempo of modern living. Use car rental DEN and you will be always in good time.

Come to Study IT In The USA!


TOP-5 specialties, chosen by foreign students in this realm of science in the USA are:

  1. Software & Network
  2. Web Development
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Computer Graphics
  5. Computer Game Development

What is computer science (or how is it customary to say lately) – information technology? In general, computer science studies the methods and processes of collecting, storing, transferring, analyzing and evaluating information, using computer technologies that provide the possibility of using information to make further decisions. In short, this is the study of computer technology, hardware and software. Nevertheless, computer technology is a multifaceted area of ​​studying, which provides opportunities to acquire skills that are applicable and in demand in almost any area of the modern world.

Come to Study IT In The USA!

The field of information technology itself is distributed among a number of sub-disciplines or specializations, most of which are full-fledged disciplines. The field of computer technology covers several major areas: the theory of computer technology, hardware systems, software systems and scientific computing. In order to get a diploma of the American University in the field of Computer Science, students should choose from a number of disciplines, depending on the desired specialty.


Come to Study IT In The USA!

The choice of disciplines is huge, so the student, first, will need to define specialization in order to understand which subjects must be studied first and which ones – additionally. Here are a few possible areas of specialization that are available for students of the Faculties of Computer Science and Computer Technologies at American universities:

Bioinformatics, Applied Mathematics, Digital Image/ Sound Simulation And Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Microprogramming, Operating Systems, Networks And Administration, Data Management, iOS and Mobile Development, Computer Architecture Networks, Computer Game Development and Graphics, Cryptography, Memory Systems, Software Development and Systems, Computer Programming and Web Development.

With so many options available at the faculties of computer science at US universities, foreign students can seriously prepare for further employment, and be confident that the knowledge gained at the university will be in demand in the labor market.

Before choosing a specialization of preparation, we advise future students to take into account the following factors that will affect the choice of the program and educational institution in the US: the demand for this specialty and the opportunity for career growth after graduation from the University of the USA.

This country is the most promising place to study IT for several reasons:

1) A wide range of educational programs;

2) High level of teaching;

3) Technical support of universities;

4) The opportunity to work during studying;

5) High prospects for employment after the end of the program.

A typical bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of the United States, takes about 4 years. In order to choose an educational institution, students need to take into account:

  • The reputation of an educational institution;
  • The demand for graduates;
  • Specialization of the university, department or faculty.

Come to Study IT In The USA!

The Computer technology\Information technology specialty, obtained at US universities, provides an opportunity to work in the profession and get a high salary. For the ninth year in a row, the list of the most popular employees in the US area, according to the Computerworld publication, is headed by developers of mobile applications. Other perennial favorites – technical support, security, business intelligence, database analytics. Weigh all the pros and cons and start your educational process with enthusiasm!

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