Increase the Efficiency of SEO Efforts By Using These 4 CRO Tools

Increase the Efficiency of SEO Efforts By Using These 4 CRO Tools

Are you getting tons of traffic on your website but very few of them are converting into paying customers? If yes, then you are not alone as most online businesses today face similar issues. You need to identify what’s hindering users from converting to boost your conversion rate. How can I solve this problem? Is that what you are thinking? If yes, then the short answer is that you can fix this issue by using conversion rate optimization tools.

Here are four conversion rate optimization tools that not only solves that problem for you but also give your SEO efforts a lift as well.

1. Crazy Egg

If you want to dig deeper into how your user interacts with your website and behaves when they land on your website as best SEO services does then, Crazy Egg is an ideal choice for you. See what’s striking a chord with your target audience with perception heat-maps, scroll analysis, customer journey, comprehensive page analysis that even includes click behavioral analysis.

This tool also let you conduct A/B testing and saves you from the need of buying separate software for testing purposes. Segment clicks based on device type, referral source, time, day, search engines and keywords, giving you a clear picture about user intent and sources they are coming from.

2. Hotjar

If you want all the analysis tools in a single package, Hotjar is for you. Users can make the most of visual heatmaps, conversion funnel tracking, visitor recordings features. See the heatmaps in action by analyzing the cold and hot spot and get accurate click data. Play back user journey to get valuable insights into user behavior. Small businesses can even create polls and surveys to take user feedback and improve their landing pages and website design.

3. EyeQuant

If you are looking for a speedy solution for all your data analysis needs then, EyeQuant is an ideal choice. It’s powerful algorithm analyzes thousands of heatmaps and eye mapping studies and uses its machine learning capabilities to tell you which elements on your web page is grabbing user’s attention. Analyze the design metrics with its efficient heat mapping tool.

EyeQuant is currently working on a new feature that assist digital marketers in enhancing the effectiveness of their banner ads. The Ad visibility score rates your display ads after evaluating its visual characteristics. Additionally, the company is identifying factors that makes an ad perform better than others. Looking at attention map tell you which elements on your website are attracting the most eye balls.

Perception maps enable users to see features that are most likely to grab user attention the most. You can even see the difference between new and old users with the help of perception maps. Instead of collecting user data, Eye Quant give users freedom to upload their landing page screenshots and get detailed feedback with a single click. This makes Eye Quant stand out from the crowd.

4. Optimizely

For those looking for a solid testing tool, Optimizely fits the bill perfectly. Whether you want to conduct A/B testing or multivariate testing or even multipage testing, Optimizely have you covered. What makes this testing platform special is its capability to create custom experiments that too without the need of code. Testing two versions of same content is a breeze with Optimizely. This tool puts you on the driving seat and let you control everything from segmentation to traffic to audiences.


Take a closer look at granular details that might be hampering the user experience and stopping users from converting into paying customers with these CRO tools. Once you identify the culprits, fix the issues and set your website up for high conversion. Harness the power of some of the above mentioned CRO tools and take your conversion rate to the next level. Which conversion rate optimization tools do you use and why? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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