How Rummy Websites Market Their Apps?

How Rummy Websites Market Their Apps?

The rummy card game is among the most popular games in India. It is no surprise that there are countless apps and websites for rummy games online now. While these websites allow you to play the game through internet, they also need to market their app or website to get sufficient number of visitors. Here are some of the common tactics used by them:

Launching Rummy Tournaments

This is one of the best ways to attract more and more people to your rummy website. Rummy players are always keen on playing rummy tournaments. So, rummy websites come up with interesting tournaments. The winners may win cash prizes or even gadgets as gifts. People who are hesitant to create an account on the rummy websites often grab at such occasions and create accounts.

Coming Up with Interesting Rummy Quizzes

Good rummy players always enjoy gaining more information regarding the game. That is why many of the rummy websites come up with interesting quizzes. The questions may include facts about the origin of rummy and how the game evolved over the years. It may also include some gossip stuff like which Bollywood actors enjoy playing rummy or how popular movies have been inspired from the game of rummy.

Special Offers for Friend Suggestions

When a rummy website wants you to bring in more members, this is one tactic it commonly uses. It launches some special bonuses with each friend suggestion that is accepted. This prompts the existing members to send out invitations to friends and people in touch in social networks. It is an easy way to get more people to at least visit the website if not be regular users.

Easy Account Creation

A website can expect more members on the app only when it is really user-friendly. The individuals should have no difficulty creating accounts. Easy access is one of the key aspects of getting more people to use apps like Khelplay rummy for playing rummy card game online.

Contributing to Major Causes

This is another way the websites and apps offering online rummy playing services gather attention. They come up with means to contribute to important national causes by taking part in rummy tournaments. People are often encouraged to play the game when it is for a bigger cause like contributing to help flood victims. This makes them feel they aren’t gambling by playing rummy. Instead, they are contributing to a bigger cause.

Sharing Information About Rummy Products

There are many online websites and social networking groups that are solely dedicated to retail or sale of products. In such places, rummy websites share ads about rummy related products. They may even advertise their latest rummy app and provide tips on how to play rummy online. This instantly appeals to the rummy playing public on those groups.

Sharing Dressing and Fashion Tips on Relevant Groups and Sites

A rummy website may share views on how to dress for a rummy party on a fashion related group or a website for fashion lovers. This is an easy way to draw the attention of rummy loving fashionistas on the website. There are many interesting dressing outfits and accessories designed particularly for rummy lovers. Posts regarding these on specific sites and groups will instantly draw the right attention.

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