4 Examples Of Technological Development In Business For The Near Future

4 Examples Of Technological Development In Business For The Near Future

Business and technology aren’t two separate entities in 2019. The usage of experimental pieces of technology has definitely impacted the way we perceive the entire business sphere and, today, is mandatory to properly analyse how these technologies are operating in order to properly assess the evolution of the entire business sphere. Let’s analyse them in detail. 

The Automotive Industry

Recently, the most prolific sector in terms of technological development has been the automotive sector and, with companies like TESLA and Audi, it’s not hard to understand why. The usage of machine learning and VR-based technologies to finalize the so-called “driverless experience” has been the central focus for these companies who, in fact, are still the biggest ones in this particular field. Will technology impact sectors like business van leasing? Time will tell. 

The MLoT 

Machine learning has become such a big trend in the past couple of years. With usages ranging from eCommerce to software development, automating features onto machine-coded operations has been (almost) an obsession within companies worldwide. 

The so-called MLoT (Machine Learning of Things) is definitely a tangible matter in today’s industry, and it’s estimated for over 4 billion dollars and very likely to grow even further. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Even if relatively similar to machine learning, artificial intelligence has recently seen a deep variety of implementations within creative sectors like arts and design, with many AI being set into place for these to automatically and quickly deploy normally boring parts of design tasks. 

Mobile Applications And Fintech 

Fintech has become quite a complex matter in the business sphere since it combines both technology and relatively experimental business strategies. In 2018, half (yes, half) of the biggest investments worldwide were related to fintech startups, which kind of states how powerful the entire matter was. 

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