Components To Inspect When Performing An SEO Analysis

Components To Inspect When Performing An SEO Analysis

Doing a search engine optimization analysis for your website provides you deeper insights in areas where there is a need for some improvement. Through the analysis, you will learn the changes that you need to make to ensure that your website is updated. It is essential to do the SEO analysis on your website as the algorithms continue to change. It helps you in staying ahead of your competition.

SEO analysis involves the process of analyzing the website with the metrics based on a certain checklist, then looking out on things that need to be fixed. A simple SEO audit will inform you of the current state of your website, it also provides you the list of actions that you have to do.

Things To Perform For Your Website’s SEO Analysis

  • Check your website’s visibility on Google.

This is a very essential thing to perform when you are starting with your website’s SEO analysis. You need to check your website’s rankings and positioning on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). You must also see the number of pages that are ranking on the search engine. You can do this by simply typing “” in Google’s search bar.

  • Write SEO-friendly URLs and meta descriptions.

When working on your URLs, you have to make sure that at least four to five words are describing the content of your page. If the URLs are not fully optimized, it is best to edit or revise them so that the search engine can identify them effectively. Meta descriptions must contain the target keyword. Having a great meta description will help users get to your website.

  • Analyze your headings and titles.

All the headings and titles within your website must contain the right matching keywords. Identify the keywords that are used in your titles and headers. If there is a high search of volume keywords, you can try framing a new SEO campaign. High search volume keywords would often have a higher competition, which means it would be very difficult to rank high for them. You should also make your titles very enticing which will urge the users to click them.

  • Inspect your website rankings.

You should inspect your website’s national and global SERP rankings, as well as the number of visitors visiting your site. This will give you better insights regarding your site’s proper position compared to other websites. You can also get the insights about average time that your visitors spend on your website, as well as the bounce rate. You will also be able to see your top five keywords that are helping to send traffic to your website.

  • Look into your incoming links.

When performing an SEO analysis, you must also survey all your incoming links. Check the inbound links to your site, as well as your competitors’ websites. This will provide you with the scope of what needs to be done to greatly improve your rankings. You can identify the inbound links by typing “link:command” on Google. For Yahoo, you can type “” to identify all the inbound links on your site.

  •  Probe your spam score.

When doing your SEO analysis, probe your spam score. The spam score will matter when it comes to domain authority and website rankings. If the website has many inbound links coming from low authority website, it could lead to an increase of your spam score.

  • Identify broken links.

Broken links can lead to users on your website having a terrible experience. This can be problematic to your SEO efforts which is why you need to fix any broken links. To find broken links, you can utilize Google webmaster tools. You can fix the broken links by putting the correct links or redirect it to a valid URL. Removing broken links improves the site user-friendliness.

  • Look into your internal links.

Internal linking on the website is a great way to help improve the site’s search rankings. It will also aid in improving your website’s user experience and helps the users to easily navigate the different pages within your website. You are able to create an internal link through the use of the right keywords on the anchor text and linking back to the desired page.

  • Explore your content.

Your content is one of the most essential factors that you need to consider when looking into your website’s SEO. There are some important details to remember when writing certain posts on your site. You have to make your content unique. Remove and duplicate content that you may find. You can use Google Analytics to find the most popular pages on your website and check the content on those popular pages.

SEO is highly beneficial when done right. It can be difficult to rank high during the first few weeks of your SEO efforts. Once the results start coming in, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. SEO can be time-consuming and complex which is why it is highly recommended to work with a reliable SEO agency or expert.

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