Seven Reasons Why It Is Essential For Your Business To Have A Mobile app

Seven Reasons Why It Is Essential For Your Business To Have A Mobile app

It is important to keep adapting to ongoing trends if you want your business to grow. Over the last couple of decades, technology has advanced massively, and forward-thinking businesses are quick to adapt to the digital revolution.

According to Statistica, in 2019 the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach a staggering figure of 4.68 billion. The mobile population is expected to grow with each passing year, and that alone is a compelling reason for your business to develop a mobile app.

Developing a mobile app for your business is a revolutionary step in the right direction. Not only does it help you with smooth business operations but it also makes your brand look top of the line. A good app flaunts your corporate identity, professional logo design and brand voice which helps you achieve your business goals.

Let us take a look at 7 significant reasons why creating a well-designed mobile app is the next step in growing your business’s online presence:

  •  Gain visibility

According to statistics, an average American person spends more than two hours on his or her mobile device. This means that each that every time a user unlocks, scrolls and scans their device- they come across your business app. This increases visibility, and even if it is unconscious, the brain records the brain icon and will slowly be attuned to choose your brand over competitors.

  •  Offer personalization according to location

Mobile apps are a pandora’s box of customer information, and if you harness this data properly, you can offer personalization to your customers like never before. Share ads, offers, and other exciting information according to customer demographics and geographical locations. Mobile apps open doors for direct marketing which is a huge advantage.

Start slow and practice till you understand which customer data can help you increase your conversion rates.

  •  Helps stay ahead of your competitors


In today’s world, all it takes are a few small mistakes to lag behind your competitors. Most businesses have an app, and if you still haven’t invested in one, then chances are that you are already losing the lead. However, it is never too late to start gaining a competitive edge. Start by building an app, not because your competitor is already using one, but because you intend to provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

  •  Increase customer loyalty


If you are seeing a lack of loyal customers, then creating a mobile app is your best option. An app helps break through the immense amount of advertising all around because of the one-on-one connection it creates with your customers. Having a mobile app at the fingertips of your customers gives you an opportunity to offer loyalty programs which are exclusive for your brand’s app users. You can even use the area-sensitive push message to welcome customers to your store’s physical location whenever they are in the area. Also, you can even send them a thank you message after they make a purchase.

  • Improve customer engagement


No matter what product or service you are selling, your customers should have easy access to get in touch with your customer services team. Have an instant messaging feature (or help desk) within your app so customers can get in touch immediately.

One great example of increasing customer engagement is OpenTable, where people can book a table at a restaurant with just a few swipes instead of waiting at the restaurant.

  •  Integrate social features


Another exciting way to increase user engagement on your business app is to add social features like messaging, comments, likes and photo-sharing. According to research by comScore, people spend 80% of their time on social media when they’re online from their mobile device. You can also offer them an opportunity to log into the app via Facebook and Twitter. This is a surefire tactic to increase customer engagement, increase customer loyalty, sales and monetization.


There are hundreds of real-life case studies of how businesses saw a drastic increase in sales after developing a mobile app. For example, when Dominoes UK created their own mobile app for pizza delivery and in-store pickup, they saw a rise of 28% in half-year pre-tax profits. Today, 52% of Dominoes pizza lovers place their order through the mobile app.

This is why every smart business owner should take advantage of the fact that smartphones are ubiquitous in the lives of their customers. Moreover, apps are designed in a simple format that enables users to perform common tasks without a lot of complicated steps. Apps guide your customers towards the check-out in a seamless cycle and offer an improved customer experience.

There are many advantages of using a business app like personalized options, reviews, increased engagement and so much more. Most importantly, you can expect customers to log in again and again, giving you a competitive edge over fellow competitors.

We hope that this piece of writing helped you decide whether your business needs to invest in a mobile app. Apps are kind of a big deal in the tech world, and they can become a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Offer top-notch customer support, increase brand visibility and perception with the help of an app. It is almost like having a trusted staff member to look after your customer needs since you can’t work 24/7.

So, are you convinced that your business needs a mobile app to grow? If you have any more concerns regarding a mobile app, then let us know in the comments below:

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