A Career in Mental Health

A Career in Mental Health

In a society where mental health is becoming a more frequent discussion, often central to conversations about the well-being of teenagers or university students, it is important to maintain a strong support system within the NHS. Many careers are available for those interested in this particular sector of work, which we will be exploring today!

Crucial to the NHS system, mental health jobs are dealing with the more psychological aspect of the human body, as opposed to physical injuries. It is important to have great communication skills when applying for a job within this field of employment, as talking to and understanding how the patient is suffering is vital to the profession.

Mental health workers are dealing with many vulnerable people, with placements available at schools or universities whereby students are experiencing a range of problems. A job here requires the ability to be understanding of the troubles of the youth, particularly a knowledge of the impact of social media on a young person’s life. Similarly, a high level of professionalism is needed as many cases relate to instances with family and the child or young person’s quality of life at home. Although a job at a school is often that of a general school nurse, mental health is a prominent issue in the youth, and so this is undoubtedly a job for those that wish to help the youngest and most vulnerable of our society.

Within the NHS, and within the mental health employment sector, there are a great range of different jobs that require different skills. As discussed, mental health affects all ages and therefore workers are needed in schools and other education establishments. For those of you who would prefer to work directly in a hospital or clinic, jobs within psychological therapies are ideal for you. Combining both the mental health and physical aspect to health care, physiotherapy jobs help patients restore movement and function after injuries or illnesses. Jobs within the therapy sector are very much more about recovery and rehabilitation via movement, exercise, education and advice.

While a career in the NHS may seem overwhelming and infamously demanding, a job in the mental health sector may be perfect for you. That is not to say it will not come parallel with pressure and stress, but simply requires a different range of skills that you may indeed hold. Where there is an undeniable amount of effort required, the results are life-changing, and thus employment in mental health is entirely rewarding.

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